#WCW - Selena Gomez

Who is our next #WCW you ask? Well here are some hints.. She starred on Barney and Friends when she was younger and then was a part of a famous television series on Disney Channel involving crazy, funky, junky hats. She also launched her musical career (and is rocking it) and dated one of the sexiest 21 year olds alive. That’s right, our #WCW this week is the one. The only. Selena Gomez .

Starting her career at the age 11 with everyone’s favorite purple Dinosaur, she then landed the role of Alex Russo on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. You may also recognize Gomez from the movies Spring Breakers, Monte Carlo or Ramona and Beezus. Not only does Selena act and sing but she is also a fashion designer. That’s right, a fashion designer. She launched her line “Dream Out Loud” with K-Mart in 2010 with eco-friendly material.

Selena just recently revealed To Billboard Magazine that she has been diagnosed with the
autoimmune disease, Lupus, and has undergone chemotherapy. Though she is timid to talk about her disease, she loves promoting her newest album, Revival, which was released in October. We have all watched and grown up with Selena Gomez. Cheering her on when she went into music, crying (but secretly being happy) when her and Justin broke up and now supporting through the toughest, but most exciting time of her life. Best of luck, Selena!