ESPY Fashion Highlights!

Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably heard of the Espys. Every year we celebrate the top performing athletes not only for their strengths, but also for their courage. This year brought on some very special moments. If you did not catch a glimpse of the Espys, we have you covered. 

Here is what you missed:

  • The US Women's National Soccer Team not only brought home the FIFA Women's World Cup victory, but also had the most watched soccer match in US history! They rightfully won team of the year!
  • The Jimmy V Perseverance award went to the beautiful Leah Still. Since little Leah has to go through radiation treatments every day, her daddy Devon Still - Bengals defensive tackle - accepted the award on her behalf. This young girl has gone through more than what most of us will go through in your entire lives, hats off to you, Leah! 
  • And then of course there was Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Though some may disagree, Caitlyn really did show courage speaking out for the rights of trans people.  Her words encouraged us to learn more about each other and educate our youth! Being in the lime light, Caitlyn is really using her power for the better of not only trans people, but for all people.

Now that you know our favorite parts of the Espy, here are the best and not-so-great looks from the star studded event.