15 Times You Have Already Cried in School

College is #hard and even though it has only been a few weeks you are already #done, and here is why:

1.       You and your best friends reunited and you just have so much to catch up on

2.       Syllabus week was non-existent in your first week of classes

3.       You went out anyway.

4.       You already used up all your absent days in your most boring class.

5.       You have 4 test, homework assignments, a home fall game all in one week.

6.       The Starbucks line in your library has a 30 minute wait.

7.       Your ex texted you and convinces you (yet again) long distance will work

8.       That lasts a week.

9.       Your hookup from last year found a new girl.

10.   She’s a freshman.

11.   You saw the line to get into the bar.

12.   Why does everyone want to go out in the beginning of the year, ugh!

3.   You have already pulled an all-nighter.

14.   You already spent all of your budgeted money

15.   You are already searching your campus for your dignity.

Don’t worry guys, fall break is just around the corner!