How to Pack for A Vacation

How to Pack For A Vacation

Packing for vacations can be fun and frustrating at the same time. While some travelers pack light, others wish that they would have. You need to prepare a plan by making a checklist of everything that you will need on your vacation. The idea is to minimize things that will not be very useful. Let's admit it, we always over pack.

While packing, you need to consider the various events that you will be participating in throughout your trip. You will most likely attend at least one formal dinner, so pack a nice dress. If you are going somewhere tropical, bring your bikini.  Create a list of clothes you will need for these events and then cross check if one piece of clothing can cover multiple occasions or not. Pick clothes such as solid color or complimentary color tops or pants that you can easily coordinate well together. Black, white, and neutrals will be your best friend. Also, make sure you take into account the possible weather of your destination. Be aware of the local traditions so that you do not make a serious blunder.

Here are some tips to help you pack light, but still look good for all those selfies you would want to share with your friends on Instagram –

·         Make sure that whatever clothing items you pack will match and look great with other items being packed. While this may need a little time, it will be worth it.

·         Add some of your favorite accessories to your suitcase. A piece of jewelry or a scarf can easily transform a simple dress to an amazing outfit for a fine restaurant or an opera night.

·         Always pick clothes that are low maintenance. Pack wrinkle free tops and dresses that can be washed instead of having to be dry cleaned.

One of the biggest advantages that you get from packing light is that you can be flexible. While you walk from flights to your car or to your hotel, you will have to drag your heavy bags behind you. You will also be safe from thieves at your destination as they mostly target people with heavy baggage.  In addition, this saves more room for all the shopping you will do at your destination!

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 Here is what we recommend to pack -- P.S. there is nothing over $100!