P.A.M. Cocktail


It's time boozing met juicing.


Summer's here! Which means it's totally appropriate to combine PAM with tequila. If you aren't familiar with PAM, it stands for pineapple apple mint, and it's a common juice in rotation for juice cleanses.


This cocktail came about when I was living in Palo Alto a few years ago with one of my friends. Juice cleanses were just starting to get a lot of hype and I wanted to try one but without the major price tag, so I did a DIY juice cleanse and made all the juices myself instead of having them delivered.


I knew this juice cleanse was serious trouble when I came home from work after the first day, exhausted and irritable from not eating, and spent hours preparing my six juices for the next day. If you've juiced before, you can easily imagine the massive amount of vegetable remnants I spent forever cleaning up in my kitchen as well. Ick.


It wasn't long before I abandoned my juice cleanse and my friend and I got creative, which naturally meant taking the most delicious juice in the mix - PAM - and combining it with tequila.


That's when the magic happened.


I vividly remember the two of us standing in our kitchen pouring shot after shot into the PAM juice and not being able to taste a touch of alcohol. It was actually a bit unbelievable, awesome... and concerning at the same time... 


That's why this is the ultimate summer cocktail. You've got tropical pineapple, crisp apple, refreshing mint and as much tequila as you want. Not judging. Especially since this is one of the healthiest cocktails around. I mean, the base is juice from a juice cleanse. Enough said.



- 2 green apples, roughly diced

- 1/2 pineapple, roughly diced

- Handful of fresh mint, plus more for garnish

- Silver tequila to taste (I use Jose Cuervo) 

IMG_5744 (1).jpg



1. Juice apples then pineapple, with pieces of mint intermittently added between the pineapple chunks to help push it down. 

2. Divide juice into glasses, add ice and tequila to taste. Garnish with fresh mint if desired. 



Contributed post by Sprinkles & Saturdays

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