Summer Essentials: What To Pack For Your Beach Day

Summer Essentials- What To Pack For Your Beach Day.png


We wait all year for summer just so we have an excuse to lounge on the beach all day. Summer days are best spent soaking up the sun and breathing in the ocean air. During this time of year, your beach bag is your best friend. Here are a few essentials to keep alongside you at the beach to make the most out of your day:


1. Water

ALWAYS keep water with you at the beach so you can stay hydrated when relaxing in the sun. Add some excitement to your water by adding some lemon or cucumber. Not only will water help you to stay hydrated in the hot sun, but it will keep your skin glowing all summer long!


2. Beach hat

Whether you’re a fan of big floppy hats or just simple baseball caps, wearing a hat a the beach is an absolute must for protecting your face and neck. A cute hat even adds an element of style to your beach look!


3. Sunscreen

Skin protection is a priority at the beach, so grab your favorite sunscreen and throw it in your bag before leaving the house. A quick sunscreen application can make all the difference, because wrinkles and damaged skin are not cute.


4. Cute beach towel

A adorable beach towel will make your day at the beach just that much better. Make sure to choose a large one to make spreading out and laying in the sun easy.


5. Post-beach lotion

Being out in the sun does a number on your skin, so make sure to pack a lovely coconut scented lotion in your bag to apply after your day at the beach has ended.


6. Bluetooth radio

How can you truly enjoy the beach without a little music? Blast your favorite summer playlist while relaxing on the beach with friends.


7. Big sunglasses

You’ll look like a beach queen while still protecting your sensitive eyes. Try to choose an inexpensive yet stylish pair, as they might get scratched or lost at the beach.


8. Tinted lip-balm with sunscreen

Your lips can get burnt too, so protect them with some SPF lip-balm. While you’re at it, choose one with a slight tint to add a pretty flush to your lips!